Wednesday, June 8, 2011

White River, Washington County, Arkansas June 4th, 2011: Great 6 mile kayak trip on the White River

Upper White River, 6.5 mile Kayak paddling trip

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Really enjoyed my time on the White River, just south of Beaver Lake in Arkansas.  This is a very docile river, at least at this stage.  Lake is still high and so is the river- high and slow.  There were some pretty incredible back bay type areas, chock full of White egrets and Blue Herons, as well as an abundance of Kingfishers.
I fished it as well in preparation for the kayak fishing tournament I entered for the next day.  On the map where it ends, there was a really nice, fast run.  If I was to continue on, I would probably portage it to the other side.  Instead, I parked on a rock bank and swam for a spell in the river.  That felt good considering it was in the mid 90's.   I will be coming back again to paddle and fish this stretch of river.  Check out the video below to see what I mean.

Flow(Cfs): 400 cfs
Guage Height: 11'

Paddle ON


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