Saturday, January 14, 2012

Team kayaking on Dardenne Creek/Mississippi River, St. Charles County, Missouri December 31st 2011

What an amazing last day of the year in the St. Louis area!  I am usually a solo paddler, however, on this trip we had a nice team of friends.  We put in at an old boat launch next to the new bridge by Kampville, MO.  Evidentally, the launch point used to be a really rowdy biker bar  that burned down (in other words, I do not know if it is really a public access point proper).  We paddled a mile or so up the creek.  There was a log jam that we just could not get around, or else we would have gone farther. 

We then proceeded to turn around and head back and kayak the Mississippi River.  The day was so incredible weather wise.  We get some pretty incredible days in Missouri sometimes in the winter time.  The Mississippi part was gentle...we had a little chop due to wind, but nothing major.

Ray and myself are thinking of doing this paddle again in spring/summer, and kayaking around Dardenne Island (refer to map below) and camping on the island for a day or two this upcoming year.  I think it would be great to set out from the launch point, kayak around the island, and set camp.  This seems like it would be a great, close, incredible adventure.  I have something for the Mississippi River...must be all the Mark Twain books I read as a kid!

Paddle ON!


Trip Miles: 5.7 miles

Kayaking Mississippi River/Dardenne Creek on the last day of 2011

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