Monday, April 16, 2012

Kayaking the Maumelle River, Pulaski County, Arkansas March 2012

The Maumelle River in Pulaski County is a great trip that really is close to the Little Rock metro area.  The put in is the ramp at Pinnacle Mountain State Park.   I was using the sea kayak on this trip, and working on doing a little fishing as well (I "0-fered" on the fishing, but the paddle was well worth it).

The Maumelle is dammed up river, so there is little or no current, which makes it an easy paddle for those new to the sport or sea kayakers that just want a serene, calm kayak trip.  There is a lot of timber and sites in regards to blooming dogwood trees, kingfishers, and blue herons.   The river almost runs parallel to the Arkansas River.

I will be back soon to fish this stretch a little more intensive with my SOT fishing kayak.

Paddle ON!


Kayaking Maumelle River near Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas

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