Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Illinois River, Benton County, Arkansas: Challenged the kayak on a faster upstream paddle

The reason I went out to hit this water was that I was fishing the riverbass.com kayak tournament.  The actual fishing part was slow, and was an epic fail...however, I was really proud of the fact that I got a little more aggressive on the kayak on some swifter waters.
This river really reminds me of the Meremac River in Missouri near the Steelville area.  Access points for this river on the Arkansas side are a little harder to find, but when you find a put in, it is well worth it.
I kayaked up stream, and portaged and fished the shoals and runs.  Did about 3 1/5 miles, but it felt like 7, for sure.
This river is very, very beautiful and well worth the paddle!

Paddle ON!


Illinois River Arkansas- Kayaking and fishing

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