Saturday, December 10, 2011

Council Bluff Lake, Mark Twain NF Missouri: Pristine lake at the headwaters of the Big River

This is a trip from a week or so ago.  We had a nice little warm up (windy, of course) and I got a chance to hit this beautiful lake in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest, just south of Potosi, MO.  The water at this lake is "gin clear"....I have fished it before and it reminds me of Table Rock Lake in southern Missouri.
It was a quick two hour paddle.  I was fighting some wind and mild swells (minor white capping) so I stayed fairly conservative in exploration of the lake.  I am like that when water temps are really cold, just to be safe.

Council Bluff Lake, Mark Twain NF Missouri

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Overall, outstanding winter paddle...more to come this year.  Cold should not stop our kayaking efforts! long as we are safe.

Paddle ON!


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