Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lake of the Ozarks, Camden County, Missouri December 16th, 2011: Great quick winter paddle- and had the whole lake to myself!

Lake of the Ozarks is a great flatwater lake to paddle in the winter months.  If you get a chance to hit it, especially in the winter months during the week day, you have a good shot at having the entire lake to yourself.  This trip was just about the paddle...I left my fishing gear at home for this one.  I was on my way back from Springfield, MO to St. Charles, MO., so I figured it would make sense to stop for a couple of hours and get a quick paddle.  I put off in the McCubbins point area of LOZ, located on the south side of the Lake of the Ozarks SP.
The weather was cool, but sunny, with a mild breeze.  Where I set out was flat and shallow.  I stuck with shoreline, which I think is something to consider in the winter in regards to safety.  However, I could not help myself once I saw the giant limestone cliffs on the other side of the lake, so I paddled over to the other side.  It was worth the view, as the film shows.
I think I got a mild case of either motion sickness or sea sickness.  I was looking down at my GPS or camera, or something, then I looked up at the cliffs, which I was right next to.  Next thing I know I felt a little dizzy, and my heart started to race a tad (I really think that part was maybe mental on my part).  I also think when you are kayaking you can "freak yourself out" sometimes, especially when you know the water temp is cold and you are all packed in, dressed in layers, spray skirt and all.  I decided to just paddle it out, drink some water, and not freak out.  I read a great article once about sea sickness and kayaking (which is a bad combo in a kayak, especially solo paddling).  The article suggested you keep your eyes on the horizon, and you can sometimes work out of a "situation".  This is what I did, and about 1/2 hour later , I started to feel a little better.  By the time I got the kayak back to the car, I felt just fine using that technique.  Note to self:  make sure not to fool around with GPS/camera stuff and look up suddenly.
Beautiful day, saw several great heron birds and several areas with fish rolling subsurface (next time a fishing rod is in order).

Paddle ON!


Lake of the Ozarks, McCubbins Point area

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  1. Sweet! Impressive production. I buying a kayak tommorow and can't wait to hit the lake of the Ozarks on a sunny Winter afternoon!

  2. Thank you! Sounds exciting! One of my favorite places in the winter. I also like to hit the Niangua river in the summer time- excellent smallmouth fishing :)
    Good luck with your new yak!

  3. My daughter and I moved here a few months ago from Idaho. We are trying to figure out a few good places to paddle. Since we don't know other kayakers here, I'm looking for places we can paddle down and hitch a ride back. Easy to find in Idaho, not sure about here.

  4. I caught your video on youtube. NIce and quiet on the lake in the winter. I have done some kayak fishing down in florida on the flats. I really enjoy it. I will get on the Lake in a Kayak one of these days. Not a summer weekend though ;).