Monday, March 14, 2011

Fourche La Fave River, Arkansas, March 9th 2011: Quick evening paddle on the Forche in Arkansas

This was a nice, quick paddle.  The temps got a bit low, but that was alright due to the fact that at this point we were out of the wind.  Got a chance to paddle with a Great Blue Heron in front of the kayak the whole trip.  I also saw one of the healthiest Red Foxes I have ever seen.  Seemed real unfortunate that so many have used this river as a trash can.  Could really use a stream team to clean it up.  Seemed to have pipes dumping right into the river as well.  Could be a real scenic river on the east end if it was just cleaned up a bit....a real shame.  Seems like a river with some real potential.

Paddle ON!


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