Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Creve Coeur Lake, St. Louis County, Missouri March 6th 2011: Much cooler day- makes you appreciate the spray skirt!

This was an interesting day due to the fact that Creve Coeur Lake was not my first choice.  I had originally decided to go out to Coffeen Lake in Illinois.  After crossing the river, I noticed just about every creek and river were out of their banks, and once I arrived at the lake, it was really high.  Also, due to the fact that a power plant is attached to this lake (Coffeen), there was a ton of boat traffic, high water conditions, and it really got very windy and cold.  So I decided not to go in....something did not feel right and safe with the lake.

On my way back home, I was wondering if I had made a right decision.  Will this cause me to buy a mini van? possibly start drinking prune juice?  Will I start taking Lipitor now?  I was really getting down on myself for not jumping in.  Had I turned into a paddy boy?  Then, as if by divine providence, the sun came out as I crossed the Mississippi River. "Hey, how about Creve Coeur Lake?" a voice in my head bellowed to me.....and I answered "Why Not?".  The rest of the story is in the film.....enjoy!

Paddle ON!


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