Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lake Ft. Smith, Washington County, Arkansas: Outstanding lake nestled in the Boston Mountains

Lake Ft. Smith is located between Fayetteville, AR and Ft. Smith, AR.  It originally was (2) lakes...the main lake that I paddled on is actually the old Lake Shepard Springs.  The mountains surrounding this lake make it an awesome destination.  The state park that is attached rents kayaks and canoes in the summer season.  This is a spot I plan on bringing some friends to this summer for kayak fishing and BBQ.
I got a chance to paddle a couple of hours before the sun went down.  I brought my fishing rod and actually caught a couple of bass on a Zoom trick worm on the east side of the lake.  The bite was so slow (and I am rusty this time of the year LOL) so I was not able to land either.  It was great just to get the sea kayak out and put a few miles in, however.
I have done well in the summer here with bass and crappie.  My goal is to come back and kayak/fish the entire perimeter of the lake.  It is a hidden gem in the Ozarks!

Paddle ON!


November kayaking on Lake Ft. Smith, Arkansas

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