Monday, June 4, 2012

Missouri River Kayaking- Weldon Spring to St. Charles June 2nd, 2012

The trip was outstanding!  Ray and I have been wanting to do a "big river" trip for the last couple of weeks.  The Missouri River stage is really down right now, so it is a very quick and fun paddle.  Stage when we went out Saturday was about 12' gauge hght. and 66,000 flow (cfs).  I am marking this and saving it....I have paddled this river at different stages and this one had to be my favorite.  I think if they had the Race for the Rivers today, some records would be broke.

If you watch the film, when Ray comes up on the Page Extension Bridge,  I caught an Asian carp flying across his bow.  He had a couple of major carp come flying in front of his kayak, but unfortunately, my camera was off when it happened.

The slough that we went through just past the 40 bridge just beside the Chesterfield bottoms was outstanding.  It had a real nice flow running through it (we clocked about 4 mph) the entire stretch.  There is something about paddling the big rivers that just excites me.  I am already planning another trip, possibly the Alton Lock and Dam to the Gateway Arch.  Maybe this will be the summer we make it happen?

Paddle ON!


Kayaking the Missouri River- Weldon Spring to St. charles, Missouri

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