Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Missouri River, Race for the Rivers Kayak race, 20 Miles October 8th, 2011

The Race for the Rivers river kayak/canoe challenge is usually held in August, but due to the river being so high for most of the summer, it was moved to October.  This was my second year in the race.  I have to say, I finished higher, but was still disappointed in how I did on this one.  After talking to my friend Ray for a bit, I am thinking that the challenges I had were more to do with my paddle and my stroke technique, than ability or the craft.  I am used to paddling up current on small rivers, and cutting water on lakes....the Missouri is a different animal.  We will be back next year to see if we can do a little better.

Race for the Rivers 2011- Missouri River, St. Charles County, Missouri

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The river seemed more dangerous this go around.  There was one point I was paddling, and the water appeared to have a "hill" with a divit right before.  I though that it was my eyes fooling, it was a "divit"...the kayaks bow slightly went down, then up.  Very weird, considering it was probably in about 20' of fast moving water.  This is a river you want to respect!

Paddle ON!


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