Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kayaking Saline River, Saline County, Arkansas August 17th, 2011: Nice gravel bottomed river was some good fishing potential

Kayaking the Saline River, Arkansas

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This was my first shot at the Saline River in Arkansas.  It is just due south of Little Rock, AR.  The river is a nice, slow moving river in most places.  As I kayaked up stream, I came across a nice little run.  I attempted to portage it for awhile (it felt good to get in the water- it was about 100 degrees out) however, the current gets kind of sporty (fairly shallow, but sporty).  So I shore fished for sometime and then I turned around and headed back.

I have heard some great stories about this river in regards or smallmouth fishing.  I just do not think they were on.  I got some nice taps, but could not get anything to connect.
It would be interesting to see what this river looks like either north of the spot or south.  Water had a murky, green-ish tint.  It really reminded me of the James River south of Springfield, MO.

Paddle ON!


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