Sunday, August 7, 2011

Arkansas River, Pulaski County, Arkansas July 14th, 2011: Nice quick paddle before the storm on the Arkansas River

Kayaking the Arkansas River just east of Little Rock, Arkansas

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This was a really great "after work" paddle.  Sometimes you need to just get out and do whatever you do to release the stress of the day- this was one of those paddles.  I did not have a lot of time or mileage on this one due to a storm that was moving in.  I could have paddled up the Arkansas River if I would have had enough time. 

The current did not seem to overwhelming for such a large river (I am used to looking at the Missouri River in St. Charles- much, much faster clip).  I think the kayak fishing here has a lot of potential as well.  I will need to come back here real soon and do some more exploring.  Arkansas is teaming with incredible kayak opportunities, beauty, and challenges...cannot wait to get the kayak back out on the water!

Paddle ON!


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