Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kayaking the James River, Stone County, Missouri June 30th 2011: Nice 4.5 paddle on the James

Put in at the Hootentown access off Hwy O near Highlandville, MO. for a nice evening paddle on the James River, Just south of Springfield, Missouri.  This access point has a lot of people hanging out in the river, and has a large campground right by the access point.  Plenty of parking and a good ramp helps.  Paddled upstream as I always do and then drift fished down.  Fishing seemed to be a bit off...I bet if I had a bottom rig with nightcrawlers, I would have caught plenty of bluegill, but I was fishing for smallmouths, so the action was a bit off.
Check out the video....about half through it, I came up on a deer on the rock bank.  It could not get scent on my, so I was able to hang out on the side of the bank and film it for a few minutes.  I got it caught on film, so enjoy!
Great river to kayak.  Not quite as clear as the Elk River, but clear as a typical ozark stream.  Great paddle!

Paddle ON!


Kayaking 4 1/2 miles on the James River Missouri

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