Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Red River, White County, Arkansas April 5th, 2011: Nice 6 mile paddle on the Little Red

This was a nice 6 mile paddle on the Little Red River.  I put in at the Henry Gray/Hurricane Lake WMA in White County, Arkansas.  This is a bayou-like area with a lot of incredibly "fishy" looking lakes and oxbows.  I plan on coming back later and hitting some of the lakes with my Mokan fishing kayak.  However, today was all about getting up the river.  I also brought a fishing rod and fished it as well.  Caught one nice smallmouth towards the half-way point of the paddle, but he spit it out before I could get it to the boat for a photo.
If you take a look at the video, there is a really nice looking dock/dock house that had something happen to it and 1/2 of it is in the water- what a shame!  Looks like it was once a great place to hang out for the day....nothing beats a day on the river!

Paddle ON!


River Gauge (Judsonia, AR)
Height: 400 ft.
Flow: 290 (cfs)
Miles: 6
Total miles year: 36.5 miles
Goal: 800 miles

Little Red River, Arkansas: Kayaking and fishing

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