Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lake Ft. Smith, Arkansas, April 8th, 2011: One of the more beautiful lakes in the Ozarks

I got a chance to explore this lake for just a short time in my drive between business trainings in Little Rock, AR and Bentonville, AR.  I am really glad I took just a short couple of hours to see this incredible lake.  If you look at the GPS below, it looks as if I am kayaking on land....originally, there were (2) lakes: Lake Shepard Springs and Lake Ft. Smith.  Evidently a few years ago they went ahead and knocked out the dam and doubled the size of the lake.  This is a very clear lake- used for drinking water for the city of Ft. Smith Arkansas.

What is incredible about this lake is the non development around it, and well as several incredible coves and waterfalls in those coves.  I brought my fishing pole and got on a nice little bed of crappies before I turned back and headed to shore.

Paddle ON!


Lake Ft. Smith of the most beautiful lakes in the ozarks!

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