Monday, April 24, 2017

Yellow River Forest, IA: Hiking and backpacking the hills and bluffs near the Mississippi River

Apr 23, 2017
Duration (Total) 0h 0m , Distance 6 mi
There are not a lot of places near this area, so it gets a pretty impressive amount of volume (we were unable to camp at one site because it already had a group of about 15 people- so be prepared to see more people on the trail than you would expect
-Tracked by kayakthemidwest, on Ramblr
Rain was forecast all across the Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks, so my daughter ad I made a decision to head north where there was no rain in the forecast and do some backpack camping and hiking. This park has a nice trail system, with much of the trails dedicated to horseback camping. The primitive sites are more like walk in campsites than true primitive camps. It is really remarkable how different the seasons are between northern Iowa and the Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks....this is what Arkansas looks like about mid-late February (at least this year)
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