Saturday, April 20, 2013

Arkansas River- Palarm Creek, Arkansas- fairly swift creek, wide part of river

It is amazing the temperature and weather differences between Little Rock and St. Louis. While my friends and family were experiencing 50 degree weather, I was basking in central Arkansas 85 degree temperatures. Time to kayak!

Put in at the Palarm Creek access point. This creek has quite a quick flow (it is the creek that comes out of Lake Conway upstream). I had kind of a bad situation in regards to my steering rudder. Got launched, put my feet on the peddles and "snap"! The guide line on the left of the rudder snapped right off. Looks like I am going to have to order another rudder and install it (or go without) I paddled up stream- quite a bit of trees and "sweepers" in the creek with a quick little current. Went about 1/2 mile upstream and then went past the launch and headed to the river.
The Arkansas River is fairly wide in this spot. There was more of a current on the creek than there was on the river. I fished the shore a bit, but was not going about it proper...still trying to to figure out how to bass fish the Arkansas- is it a lake, or is it a river? My plans are to come back at the spot and go quite a bit further up the Arkansas next time

Paddle ON! Mike


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  1. Haven't checked out Palarm Creek but adding it to my list. Wonder if Lake Conway keeps the water running most of the summer or does the creek drop significantly without continuous rain.

  2. There is not constant flow out of Lake Conway. Dry summer months see little if any flow but the water stays floatable year round in Palarm.