Saturday, May 14, 2011

Creve Coeur Lake, St. Louis County, Missouri May 10th, 2011: Quick paddle/fishing trip in between rain storms and flood waters

The rain and water levels have been so incredibly bad in the Missouri/Arkansas/Ozarks area over the last couple of weeks.  Table Rock Lake hit a record high, and there has been rain more days than sun.  So, the paddling in this part of the country has been a bit "challenging".  One of the funniest post I saw on facebook was a kayak shop that sent a quick reminder out: "kayakers please note- Flood water is NOT whitewater".  I found that to be quite humorous.
I did get a chance, however, for a quick paddle and some fishing at Creve Coeur Lake in St. Louis County, Missouri in between out of town trips.  My original intention was to fish and paddle Lake Sherwood in Warren County, however, I got about 1/2 to the destination, and realized that I did not pack the paddle....hmm....  I am glad I just laughed at it, turned around,  got the paddle, and then went to Creve Coeur.  Life is too short to be angry!  Just had to laugh......

Paddle ON!


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