Monday, February 14, 2011

Lake Baldwin, Randolph County, Illinois February 13th, 2011: Nice 5.75 mile paddle on the ever-warm Lake Baldwin

Here is a video of our Sunday paddle trip to Lake Baldwin, Illinois.  The power plant does a nice job keeping the lake non-frozen all year, so it was a great trip for this year.  This lake gets INCREDIBLY windy....I felt like I was paddling on the sound in the Outer Banks.  The lake is topographically higher than the surrounding land, so when it gets even a little wind, it really wips up.  I always enjoy spending time with my good friend, Ray Schroeder.  He has some great tips about Kayaking, and I learn something new every time I get a chance to paddle with him
I got a chance to use the GoPro Hero camera with the mount, so if you like to kayak, I think you will enjoy this video....probably a little lengthy for a paddle video, but I think it turned out good- hope you enjoy it!
Paddle ON



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