Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spring River, Oklahoma (north of Grand Lake), December 1st, 2010: Magnificent River worth the paddle!

This was a incredible paddle trip on the kayak.  The weather was cool (40 degrees) but could not have been any better.  What is great about this time of the year is that you get a change to get out on the water without a lot of motorized boats or other types of watercraft (sometimes Seadoos are the worst).

You learn something new every time you take the kayak out.....two lessons learned: 1.) get a pair of the water-proof booties or socks.  I learned this lesson when I landed the kayak for lunch. 2.) bring along your kayak cart.  There was a point that I had to portage (paddled through on the way back).  A kayak cart (which was packed in my car) would have been very handy.

Temp: 40 degrees
Milage: 5 miles round
Flow: 1,000 cfs
Height: 6.8 ft.

"Life is better on a kayak!"


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